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Molpax Bio recognizes a companion diagnostic (pathological test) product that uses location information in molecular genetic diagnostic tests as a new high-growth possible industry for AI-based diagnosis.
These image biomarker-based diagnostic technologies are possible only when AI algorithms + high-performance analysis systems + genomic analysis technologies are fused.

Currently, Molpax Bio is developing digital pathological image-based AI diagnostic software medical devices targeting solid cancer surgical tissues.
The background of this diagnostic method differs in that the application of diagnostic methods containing location information (such as distance density) in (molecular) diagnosis is applied to pathological images, and the concept of image biomarkers that have not existed before is included.

Molpax Bio is developing a differentiated AI model that is close to the essence of solid cancer surgical histopathology tests by combining STPiM (Space Transcriptomics-based Pathology Images Model) and GAN (GAN), an AI model with spatial genome analysis-based experimental data.
Furthermore, the same technology will be applied to the field of response analysis of animal models used in drug development to promote the business of supplying digital pathology diagnosis independent software, cloud and hardware equipment.

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